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Nicholas Wilton is arguably the world's leading composer of sacred choral music and we are honoured that he has decided to partner with us at FMM. 

Nicholas Wilton

Nicholas composed music predominantly for piano (see below the album Music for Piano) but his love for sacred choral music compelled him to take a directional change.  In 1990, he began to channel his energy, enthusiasm, musical, training and God given talent to compose beautiful sacred choral music.

Comparable to the sixteenth century Catholic masters, the sacred choral music of 

Nicholas Wilton will stun you, relax you, inspire you and most importantly, uplift you.

Featured below are the fourteen tracks from the famous Sacred Choral Music composed by Nicholas, directed by Philip Cave and performed by the world renowned polyphonic choir, Magnificat.

Nicholas has dedicated Sacred Choral Music to Our Lord, specifically the 2,000th anniversary of His Incarnation and Nativity and also to the 2,000th anniversary of Our Lady's Divine Maternity.  It is also dedicated to many of Nicholas's favourite Saints and to the "Children of Light".

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