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About Four Marks Music

It is fair to say that most of the music produced in this modern age is simply not attractive to those who wish to remain faithful to the teachings of Christ.  As a result, it is currently very difficult to access fresh musical material which is both enjoyable and uplifting.

The team at Four Marks Music (FMM) aims to write, arrange, produce and release new music which is specifically for the modern day Faithful.


Of course, all are more than welcome (and in fact, encouraged) to take advantage and purchase any of the music on this site.

The FMM team consists of a number of artists with varying backgrounds and varying strengths so we hope to cater to the musical tastes of all our supporters.


This site is for all those who seek original high quality, melodic and meaningful music.

Above all, we aim to glorify God with our work.

We look forward to your support and welcome your feedback!

Yours, in the Sacred Heart of Our Lord and the

Most Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Our Lady

Team FMM

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